Selling Tips

Professional Marketing is Essential

I have been involved in the real estate industry since last Century!

When I first started selling real estate back in 1995, there was no internet, no emails, no text messaging, ipads, smart phones or social media platforms. If a buyer was potentially interested in a property their first step was to read the (black and white) newspaper or go and view homes in the real estate agents window.

Kerb side appeal was critical in buyers taking the next step and viewing the property. That is still very important today, but it was more important back then because without having access to internal photographs, that was the only way a buyer could judge a property. Unkempt lawns and gardens were the death of many a sale before the buyer even called us for a viewing.

In the internet age things are different. More and more prospective purchasers rely on marketing material & comprehensive information to draw up a shortlist of properties to view.

There are two key considerations for the owner and their agent:

Firstly, presentation of a property must viewed with an eye to how the property will look in marketing material. Many agents neglect to advise sellers of these points for fear of offending the owner and losing the Listing.

A competent and confident agent will advise you of small things (and even some big ones) that you may need to do to attract the buyer who will pay a premium price. Don't shoot the agent; thank him/her for their suggestions. Their advice will no doubt put more dollars in your pocket!

Remember too that most buyers don't overlook obvious problems unless they are renovators or bargain hunters, and neither of those groups pay a premium price!

Secondly, marketing material has to be second to none! Excellent photography is absolutely essential. The days of an agent taking a few happy snaps with his or her camera are long gone.

Descriptions should be carefully considered and targeted at the the right category(s) of buyers. This may mean changing the description of a unit to a Villa to attract semi-retired or executive type buyers (as long as the title is appropriate). Agents must ensure that the description lives up to its name.

These things take effort and commitment from both the owner and the agent. On the positive side, the process culls buyers down to a higher proportion with genuine interest.

Thirdly, the price has to be comparable to similar properties in the area. If a buyer views a property online and considers it to be over-priced, they won't take that enquiry any further. Back in the good old days, buyers would at least call us to enquire, but with the speed of life these days, it is just one mouse click and they are on to the next property.