November 21. 2016

Why Use a REIWA Property Manager

Market knowledge and...

Oct 19. 2016

Home Open Mystery Shoppers

Home Open Mystery Shoppers

One of the major concerns that buyers have with home opens is salespeople who lack in preparation and don't...

24 September 2016

When is the best time to sell a house?

When is the best time to sell a house?

Over the years, debate has often centred around the "best" time to sell a house, often with contradictory advice being given; "Sell...

11 July 2016

Property Portfolio Magazine

Our latest Property Portfolio Magazine is out now!!

Click here to...

9 July 2016

Creating a Successful Sale

What does it take to create a successful sale?

To many...

1 July 2016

Dealing With Early Offers

Whilst I have plenty of ideas for topics to post, I thought it more important to post what YOU want, rather than what I think you may be interested in, so I recently posted a question on...

25 June 2016

Can I Have Your Details Please?


It's not often that I come up against resistance to buyers giving me their contact details, but occasionally I have people turn up to home opens...

17 June 2016

Impacts of Banning Negative Gearing

REIWA survey reveals negative gearing benefits everyday West Aussies
16 June 2016

A recent survey of WA property investors found that 72 per cent of respondents negatively...

15 June 2016

The Dentist and the Real Estate Agent

The urge to sell your home privately may be tempting, but can prove costly.

Private sellers who assume that selling is an easy task should take into account several things before embarking...

15 June 2016

6 New Buyer Behaviours you should now about

6 new buyer behaviours you should know about

A new survey by a major property portal asked buyers and sellers in the current marketplace some key questions about what's...

15 June 2016

Tips and Advice

Often, there are multiple properties on the market in any given location. These properties (along with yours) are often competing for the same elusive buyer.

This is why it is imperative...